Before your session, be sure to do these:

• Get your nails and toes ready for the shoot. Your hand and feet will be in every image so we want them to look fabulous. I recommend neutral colors or french manicures.

• I highly recommend professional makeup and hair. Not only will this make your photographer’s work easier, but you will also feel beautiful and confident at your session.

• Bring a nude strapless bra and nude underwear, black bra, and black underwear.

• If you would like any nude or partially nude photos, and you feel shy I suggest preparing "Skip the line adhesive thong" ( you can find them on Ulta Beauty or Amazon).

• Bring a hairbrush, setting powder, lip gloss, and body lotion, we will apply it on your skin before the nudes shots.

• For your husband, keeping it simple is usually the best. He can go with a basic shirt or t-shirt in white, tan, gray, black, beige, etc. Bring 2 outfits for him, with matching shoes, something dark and light we will play with.

• Bring one or two pairs of high heels, black and nude ones, or if you have something stylish and trendy.

• Drink water and eat light snacks frequently to keep your energy up and your skin supple. I keep on hand water and snacks for you, just in case you are too busy or overwhelmed getting ready, but please take breakfast.

And that's it, see you soon ! Get as much rest as possible the evening before!

how to prepare to maternity session
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