When is the best time to book newborn sessions?

It is never too early to book a session, usually, the newborn session is booked in the 3rd trimester. If you already know your due date – now is the time to book your session. Please contact me via the Contact page I would love to hear from you!

What is the best age for newborn photography?

The ideal time to photograph your newborn is between 7 and 14 days old. Babies are much more sleepy and curly during this time and easier to pose into those cute naked poses you see on my page.

When is the best time to photograph newborn twins?

Typically, I photograph newborns about 7-14 days after they are born. But, twins are a little different in how I schedule. Most often, they are born well before their due date and spend extra time in the hospital. I usually photograph 7-14 days after they come home from the hospital, not 7-14 days after birth. With the one caveat that they are feeding well. If they are still working on learning to eat, then we wait even a little longer. A newborn session for twins could very well happen about 3-4 weeks after they are born.

My baby is already past two weeks old, is it too late?

It is usually still possible to capture your baby outside the two weeks window, however, it will be likely that some of your images could be of an awake baby, and maybe not as many asleep images. After the 14 days mark, baby’s become more alert to sounds and touch , making it more difficult to achieve certain poses. Most of the photos in my newborn portfolio contain images of babies 5-14 days old.

Do you provide props?

Everything needed for the session is provided by me. You do not need to bring any props as I have a large collection of props. We will discuss styles and colors for your session prior to your scheduled session.

When am I going to receive my photos?

You will receive your digital color-corrected gallery in about a one week. Then, you can choose your favorites for artistic editing. Once, you select your favorites, please allow 3 weeks to receive your edited digital gallery.

What should we wear?

Keeping it simple is usually best in these situations.  Parents posing with their new baby should wear things neutral or muted in color with minimal designs and brand logos, if possible.  Moms can wear anything from a simple t-shirt to a long-sleeved top to a maxi dress.  Something lacey, if that’s your style, is also beautiful!   Dads can go with a basic t-shirt in white, tan, gray, black, soft blue, etc.  As long as all the colors flow, it will be fabulous. Also, a very important thing to be mindful of is bra straps and fingernails/hands.  Be sure your nails are neat since your hands will definitely be shown in the photos.  Siblings should also have neat hands/fingernails (no chipped nail polish please) and clothes should fit well.  If shirts or pants are too big, it tends to look sloppy.

Do you provide outfits?

Yes, I do. I provide outfits for maternity, newborn, and cake smash sessions. Almost everything you see on my portfolio is in my collection and available for the session. The photo sessions are unique and customized to each of my clients.

Will hair and makeup be provided?

My clients come with hair and makeup done based on my recommendations.

Where are you based and do you travel?

My home studio is located in Huntersville, NC. Due to the situation with covid, I no longer offer in-home sessions.
Everything in my studio is clean and sanitized, I am as well fully vaccinated and safe to be around newborns.

When do we reserve the other session in bundle?

To start with, we reserve the date of the first session. This is either a maternity session or newborn session. After the baby arrives I will be expecting an email or text message from you, then we will decide on the day of the actual session.


Where are you located

My in-home studio is just 5 minutes away from Birkdale Village in Huntersville, NC. Once you've paid the deposit and signed the contract, I'll share the address with you. If you're driving, there's street parking available around the building.

When is the best time for a maternity photo session?

Sessions are best held between 26-34 weeks pregnant. The belly has a nice round shape during this time and the expectant mom still feels comfortable enough for a session. Since the right time varies for each woman, I suggest not waiting too long. After all, you never know exactly when the baby might decide to make an entrance!

May I bring my husband/my other kids with me?

Certainly! In our Gold and Platinum packages, I am delighted to include your family. The Silver package is primarily focused on the mommy to be, but your husband is more than welcome to join for a few couple pictures if you'd like.

Do you provide dresses/fabrics/ accessories?

Yes. I provide a full wardrobe that includes an exquisite selection of beautiful sheer silks and other fabrics for draping as well as stunning gowns, lace robes, bodysuits and accessories that you see in my portfolio.

How do I get ready for the photoshoot?

My maternity sessions are tailored specifically to you, and include a consultation session with me, via phone call. We will discuss ideas on posing, lighting, wardrobe, and style. I will work closely with you and learn from your ideas and expectations to make sure that your vision becomes a reality.

Extra weight and skin imperfections

My goal is to make you feel the most beautiful you've ever felt in your life. That's why you won't have to stress about any of those details. Professional photo retouching is part of your session, and I specialize in comprehensive and detailed editing.

I don't know how to pose, will I have help?

You do not need to know how to pose! It is my job to capture your beautiful figure with the most flattering angles and light. I direct and demonstrate throughout the entire shoot!

Do I have to be nude?

Not at all. All of my maternity sessions are customized and tailored to the wants and needs of each client. Some clients prefer clean and simple artistic nude photographs and wraps, while others prefer to be fully clothed.


What is the best age for a Mommy and Me session?

The ideal age range for Mommy and Me sessions with babies is typically between 4 and 9 months. During this stage, babies are often full of adorable expressions, and their personalities are beginning to shine. For the older kids, Mommy and Me sessions with older kids, sessions starting from around 5 years and up, can be wonderfully successful. At this age, children can follow directions well and engage in various poses without getting bored.

May I bring my husband/my other kids with me?

A Mommy and Me session is all about capturing the special bond between moms and their kids. While the main focus is on the heartwarming moments between mom and child, I also offer a chance to include dad and siblings in a few shots for added family warmth.

What should we wear?

I have a client closet stocked with a variety of dresses, silk pieces, bodysuits, and beautiful accessories that you can choose from for the session. Feel free to check out the options on my portfolio on my webpage or over on my Instagram. I'm here to make sure you look and feel your absolute best!

Can I bring props or specific ideas for the session?

Certainly! Feel free to bring any props or ideas you have in mind. Incorporating personal touches, such as a favorite toy or a specific pose, can enhance the session's uniqueness. If you have specific ideas for including dad and siblings, we can incorporate those into the shared look.

How long does a Mommy and Me session typically last?

The session goes for about 1 to 1.5 hours, giving us plenty of time to capture those sweet moments between mom and baby. Since little ones tend to get tired quickly at this age, I keep it within this timeframe to make sure it's a relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone.