Thank you for choosing me as your newborn photographer.

 I look forward to working with you. I realize that we are in unprecedented times right now and you might be feeling a little nervous about your session, but rest assured, our studio is kept covid safe and we will take care in protecting your little one during the session.

In order to help me create a successful session for you, please carefully read through the following information and try to follow it the best you can:

Your session starts at the time it is scheduled so please do your best to be on time. Newborn sessions generally last between 2.5 – 3.5 hours so please plan for that. The studio will be VERY warm in order to keep your baby comfortable and sleeping. Please dress in layers so that you don’t get too hot. Bottled water will be provided but please also feel free to bring your own refreshments. I try to emulate a ‘womb-like environment for your baby to keep them calm and soothing so I will have white noise playing loudly in the studio.

As my studio doesn’t have a lot of seating room and is kept VERY warm, I kindly ask that you do not bring extra family members/friends with you to the session who are not involved with the shoot.

Accidents happen and your baby may pee or poop during the session, but you don’t need to worry. Everything is washable however it is a good idea to bring a change of clothes for yourself in case the baby has an accident on you during feeding.

I have a workflow of poses that I go through during the session. I will try my very best to get every pose and prop possible with your baby, however, some babies don’t like to be touched or moved around too much. Should your newborn become unsettled then I will move on to some simpler posing/props. A re-shoot will only be offered should your baby not settle at all and we haven’t gotten enough images.

Before you arrive:

About 45 mins to an hour (no longer) before you leave your house, please try to keep the baby awake and alert as best you can via stimulation & playtime (baths work great). Let your baby fall asleep in the car on the way to the studio, around 10 minutes before the arrival. Should the baby still be awake when you arrive then I will get you to give him/her a top-up should they need it. Ensure the baby has a VERY full belly for the session. It is advised to feed the baby about 20 - 30 mins before you leave the house.

Please bring extra bottles of formula and/or pumped breast milk to help fill up babies faster and get them into a sound sleep if you are not bottle feeding. If breastfeeding, please try to avoid eating the following foods 24 hours prior to the session as it may upset the baby’s tummy: Spicy or gassy food (such as broccoli, beans, etc.), heavy dairy, caffeine & chocolate. If your baby has a tendency to be gassy then please bring gripe water or oval drops with you. *PLEASE AVOID DRINKING COFFEE ON THE MORNING OF YOUR SESSION IF YOU ARE BREASTFEEDING*

Food for the baby and a pacifier are all you need for the session. Please know a pacifier is really helpful during the session, If you don’t plan to use it in the future I totally understand, however it is helpful during this transition time. I encourage you to bring one as you can throw it away after our session if you don’t plan to use it moving forward. (Babies need to suck and sometimes they use Mommy as a pacifier to fill this need if no pacifier is available).

 Please dress the baby in ONLY a button or zip-up sleeper (no onesies underneath please). When you arrive at the studio please leave the baby in the car seat. I will take the car seat from you and start preparing the baby right away. During the session I will take care of your baby if he/she gets fussy or starts to wake up as I have many soothing techniques that will help settle the baby down, I try to allow very little handling with the parents during the session as it can often make baby more irritable especially if they can smell ‘mommy’. I will only hand your baby back to you if I feel he/she needs feeding. Due to social distancing rules, I kindly ask that when you come in, sit back and relax in the comfortable seating area and allow me to work with your newborn safely without standing over me.

What should parents/siblings wear for family photos?

Keeping it simple is usually the best in these situations. Parents posing with their new baby should wear things neutral with minimal designs and brand logos, if possible. Moms can wear anything from a simple camisole to a long-sleeved top to a maxi dress. Something lacey, if that’s your style, is also beautiful! Dads can go with a basic t-shirt in white, tan, gray, black, soft blue, etc. As long as all the colors flow, it will be fabulous. Also, a significant thing to be mindful of is bra straps and fingernails/hands. Siblings should also have neat hands/fingernails (no chipped nail polish please), and clothes should fit well. If shirts or pants are too big, it tends to look sloppy. Beauty preparation -  Be sure your nails are neat since your hands will definitely be shown in the photos, get a manicure a day or two in advance (white, beige, nude). Wear makeup! You'll get the best results if you put on makeup and do your hair prior to your shoot.

And that’s it! - Thanks so much! See you soon!